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Indigenous Stewardship

We put Indigenous stewardship at the heart of conservation.

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indigenous guardians

Indigenous Guardian programs across Canada are breaking new ground and doing some of the most important stewardship work in the country. TNC Canada supports these programs with a Toolkit to network, share, grow, and learn. Learn More >>

As the Canadian affiliate of the world’s largest conservation organization, The Nature Conservancy, TNC Canada is contributing to a global effort to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.

We respect the sacred connection that Indigenous peoples have to their traditional territories, which span 75 percent of the country. And we stand behind our partners as they reclaim their place as the stewards of Canada’s lands and waters.

Our focus is capacity-building. We support First Nations led science and monitoring, which ranges from multiyear grizzly bear DNA studies to comprehensive land and marine planning to Indigenous stewardship programs, in which local people patrol their traditional territories. We invest in emerging leadership through our SEAS program and community well-being, which is integral to achieving shared conservation goals. And by helping to strengthen local management and communities, we help our partners disrupt inter-generational trauma and foster healing.

You can support this work when you make a secure, online donation to TNC Canada.

“TNC Canada sets the standard for authentic, collaborative work that respects Indigenous rights-holders and empowers conservation that is locally led and regionally impactful.”

— Jess Housty, Heiltsuk Nation, TNC Canada Board Director