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Clayoquot Sound

A Field Report From Clayoquot Sound

The Conservancy is partnering with three First Nations—the Hesquiaht, Ahousaht, and Tla-o-qui-aht– to create a new vision for the future of Clayoquot Sound. Read more


West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Clayoquot Sound is a stunning mosaic of emerald valleys, clustered islands and ancient trees along British Columbia’s southern coast. It’s also a place offering a unique opportunity at a pivotal time. Here, we have the chance to conserve old-growth forest in partnership with local Indigenous communities. This area is also a critical piece of the 100 million-acre Emerald Edge, stretching from coastal Washington, through British Columbia and into Southeast Alaska. Once the site of the “War in the Woods,” this region is shaping a new narrative for sustainability. 

A New Way Forward

To break the boom and bust economic cycle that has created so many challenges for the people of the Emerald Edge, we’re working together toward the common goal of a sustainable future. We recognize that it’s only with the leadership of local communities that we can achieve enduring conservation success.

The project is led by the First Nation communities who control most of the forest land. Together, we are creating a shared vision of sustainable management that blends economy, nature and local stewardship. We are working with our First Nation partners to develop a financial solution that protects Clayoquot Sound, while supporting sustainable economic opportunities for the communities who have been stewards of this land for generations, and who will care for it far into the future. We’re building on TNC’s experience in conserving the Great Bear Rainforest—200 miles to the north—and our work across the globe. What we learn through this innovative approach will have an impact on conservation around the world.

Our Goals 

We are creating a triple win for people, nature and economies by: 

  • Protecting of old growth forest in Clayoquot Sound
  • Safeguarding some of the largest forest carbon stores on the planet
  • Building the natural resource capacity of First Nation communities to advance stewardship of the land
  • Helping to jump start local, sustainable economic opportunities
How You Can Help

Your support will help transform old-growth tenures from industrial relics into valuable natural assets. It will also help us provide critical funding necessary to achieving enduring results from our investment in the capacity of local people to deliver environmental, economic and social successes. Equally important, that support will catalyze the local economy by recognizing the value of nature and creating entrepreneurial opportunities for local, conservation-dependent businesses. We are optimistic because we know that First Nation leaders share our urgent vision for Clayoquot Sound. Your support can help make this vision a reality.