Established in 2012 with the rise of the impact investing market, NatureVest’s goal is to create and execute investable deals in a wide variety of sectors around the world that deliver conservation results and financial returns for investors. The NatureVest vision is based on the conviction that nature has value.

Elements of a Deal

NatureVest creates and transacts investable deals that deliver conservation results and financial returns for investors. All of our deals all meet five criteria:

  1. Support for TNC’s mission.
  2. Ability to generate cashflows that create a critical role for impact capital.
  3. Size of the conservation impact and investment opportunity.
  4. Replicability of individual deals.
  5. Readiness to deploy capital.
Clayoquot Sound 

Our work in the Clayoquot Sound launched in 2012 with a loan to a First Nations-owned timber company. The deal was structured as a working capital loan for up to five years.

The terms prevented the harvest of old growth forest in two unlogged watersheds, protecting nearly 1,100 acres of globally rare old growth coastal temperate rainforest that were immediate risk of harvest.

Simultaneously, the loan allowed First Nation leaders to develop a conservation financing solution that permanently protects many intact watersheds of the old growth rainforest in Clayoquot Sound.

Today, NatureVest is working with TNC Canada and its First Nations partners to structure a deal that will protect 250,000 acres of forest. The outcomes will focus on traditional use and First Nation livelihoods and enable community-driven forestry of primarily second growth trees.