Our Impact

Read about TNC Canada’s conservation impact since we became a Canadian charity in 2014, accompanied by the voices of our supporters, staff and partners.

Our Organization

TNC Canada is a Canadian charity affiliated with The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest conservation organization.

Our Vision

A Canada where healthy communities and responsible economic development drive locally and globally significant conservation outcomes.

Our Goal

We will achieve our vision across 100 million acres of Canada’s forests and waters over the next five years through protection and sustainable management.


A Message from Our Executive Director

On a warm July night, the TNC Canada team was sitting around a roaring campfire at the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. We were guests in Heiltsuk territory, joined by a dozen youth from the community and listening to William Housty tell his Nation’s traditional stories. As William wove tales about bears and salmon, the origin of the Heiltsuk people, and their connection to the forests and rivers that literally surrounded us, the children were transfixed, and so was our team.

The Nature Conservancy has worked with William, his father Larry and his sister Jess, for more than a decade. After the children trudged off to bed, we had an open and frank discussion. At one point—and I will never forget this—Jess said, “I’m telling you these things because I care about TNC Canada. We value this partnership and want to continue working with you.”

This report is about impact; it is an account of our hard work and progress since TNC Canada became a registered Canadian charity. It counts acres, tallies results and calculates dollars raised. It demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach, which invests in people and sustainable economies to achieve scalable conservation. And it reflects the global innovation and investment we bring as the Canadian affiliate of the world’s largest conservation organization.

But the real power behind our impact is partnership. We learned this 10 years ago when TNC was invited to join the effort to conserve the Great Bear Rainforest. And I am proud that we have been invited by others to join in every one of our projects today—along the Pacific Coast, in the Northwest Territories and eastward through the Boreal Forest.

I hope you will join me, our staff, Board of Directors, partners and visionary supporters in celebrating these successes and looking forward to the work ahead. Our investment in conservation is an investment in a vibrant future for Canada and the world.

Top left to right (scrolling): Grizzly bear in the Great Bear Rainforest © Jon McCormack. Heiltsuk youth participating in the SEAS program at Koeye in the Great Bear Rainforest © Michael Reid. Aspen and birch of the Boreal Forest, in the Northwest Territories © Bridget Paule. Canada’s Pacific coastline © M. Sanjayan.

Our Board of Directors

Headshot: Karen Berky

I’m proud to be joined by Canadian leaders who share our values and ambition, and enhance our capacity to deliver against our powerful mission. Our global organization is committed to the success of TNC Canada.

Karen Berky Board Chair
Western Division Director, North America, The Nature Conservancy

Headshot: Shari Austin

I fully support our approach, but I feel most connected to Great Bear Rainforest, its vibrant people and its precious wildlife. It’s a place I want our children and grandchildren to be able to experience.

Shari Austin
Consultant; former Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, RBC

Headshot: Arlin Hackman

What attracted me to TNC Canada was its North American presence and focus. We share species, habitats and economies. It’s just natural for us to work on a continental scale.

Arlin Hackman
Consultant; former Vice President and Chief Conservation Officer, WWF-Canada

Headshot: John Honderich

I’m incredibly proud of the SEAS (Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards) program—it is innovative, grounded, embedded in local culture, and the type of program that can really make a difference.

John Honderich
Chair, TorStar

Headshot: Jess Housty

TNC Canada is one-of-a-kind in the way it invests in Indigenous leadership. I joined the Board because strengthening people is a powerful way of achieving conservation.

Jess Housty
Councillor, Heiltsuk Tribal Council; Director of Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Qqs Projects Society

Headshot: Peter Kendall

Integrating economic development into conservation is the only pathway to success at the scale that TNC Canada is working. I’m proud that it is a core value.

Peter Kendall
Executive Director, Schad Foundation; Executive Director, Earth Rangers