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Video: Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards

SEAS stands for Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards.

When TNC Canada started working in the Great Bear Rainforest, we asked our First Nation partners how we could help revive traditional stewardship of their lands and waters. Their resounding answer was investing in youth. Since 2009, we have supported four communities in Great Bear and the Northwest Territories in building SEAS programs that blend conservation science and traditional knowledge, revive culture and language, and bring youth out to explore their territories.

Through SEAS, students learn about the salmon life-cycle by visiting rivers during spawning, discover bear ecology by following bear tracks and listening to elders’ stories, and harvest and prepare plant medicines. They visit ancient pictographs in their territories, participate in the seasonal herring harvest, and prepare traditional foods for community potlatches. Per year, 350 First Nations youth of all ages participate in SEAS, taking at least 110 field trips into their traditional territories.

SEAS helps prepare young people for the roles they will one day play in protecting the land of their ancestors. Learn more at emergingstewards.org.